JSBM (Joint Seminar Business Matching) 

Joint Seminar Business Matching (JSBM) is an annual AP2LN event where Indonesia sends its SO (members of AP2LN) which provides skilled trainee, and Japan itself presents AO who will present technical trainee opportunities in various fields of work in Japan. For 2019, on March 13-14 2019, JSBM was held in Japan.

This event is expected to increase more technical trainee opportunities for Indonesians who wish to be a trainee in Japan.


The development of SO in Indonesia was accompanied by many agencies/companies not directly related to technical trainee business that wanted to cooperate with AP2LN; such as: Banking, Tax Consultant, Health, Books or Learning Media providers, etc.

To be able to share information and promote cooperation, seminars are the right place to start any kind of cooperation with AP2LN.


The spread of SO throughout Indonesia has resulted in a variety of training methods, but many of the methods used are not well developed. Workshops is expected to help fellow SOs to develop training methods, share training methods, and also improve the quality of teachers.

Workshops can be conducted nationally, or it can also be conducted per DPW.

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